Roman Zinchenko

Co-Founder, Greencubator, Ukraine

Roman Zinchenko loves working with founders of green startups and helping green innovators. It became his motivation for co-founding Greencubator in 2009, together with his brother Andrij. Since then, Greencubator has become a meeting point for Ukraine's sustainable energy community, a launchpad for new green ventures, a social innovations accelerator and a manager of grant programs for climate-positive SMEs. Despite the Russian war against Ukraine, the team of Greencubator was able to keep running some of its core projects and got a record number of applications from climate innovators in 2022. Greencubator also became a founding member of "Group 35" charity, aimed at providing frontline support for Ukraine's defenders. Roman became deputy CEO of Group 35.

As a visiting lecturer at UCU Business School and the head of the Ukrainian Venture Capital Association Energy Committee, Roman promotes green transition in business education and venture capital and spent eight years as a host and speaker curator of TEDxKyiv, Ukraine's largest branch of the TEDx movement.

Since January 2017, Roman has been the team leader for EBRD's Climate Innovation Vouchers project managed by Greencubator, the region's largest grant program for climate innovators. Since 2016, he's been the national trainer for ClimateLaunchpad Ukraine. Roman has also contributed as a mentor and a judge to various international climate- and sustainability-focused contests and programs.

He holds an MA in international information from the Institute of International Relations (Kyiv, 1998), Aspen Institute alumnus (Executive Leadership Program, 2006).

Roman is a proud husband and father of two daughters. He lives in Kyiv and loves bridges.


Podcast Guest Appearances

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“Practical action is something you can use to calm the fear, to calm the uncertainty,” says Roman Zinchenko, co-founder of Greencubator, an organization focused on sustainable entrepreneurship, the green economy and low-carbon innovations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. 

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