Ross Macfarlane

Senior Advisor, Business Partnerships at Climate Solutions

We need to start putting a significant and escalating price on carbon. We need to be putting the cap on carbon… I think we need to all be getting common cause to get this done.

Ross Macfarlane believes that putting a significant price on carbon is a necessary part of the solution. As Senior Advisor for Business Partnerships at Climate Solutions, McFarlane helps build support in the region’s corporate community for strong climate and energy policy and private investment in solutions. In his 30 years of experience working on public policy and environmental issues, he was a partner at Preston Gates & Ellis where he managed the environmental law practice and represented a wide range of public and private clients.

Macfarlane recently led Sustainable Aviation Fuels Northwest, the first stakeholder roadmap for cleaner fuels to power the next generation of flight. He also served on the management team for an agency working to build urban mass transit.

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