Rudy Diaz

Rudy Diaz

CEO, Hight Logistics

Rudy Diaz is President/CEO of Hight Logistics, a mid-size drayage business operating out of the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland, California.  Located in Long Beach, Hight Logistics is responsible for draying containers from the ports to various warehouses across the state which also include Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.  Before starting Hight Logistics Inc in 2011, Diaz worked in the drayage industry for 7 years before branching off on his own and beginning the journey as a solo entrepreneur. Twelve years later Hight has developed into a growing team of 30+ seasoned staff members.

Given the recent California clean air regulations, Diaz is focusing his energy and resources to establish a sustainable way to move cargo goods by investing in electric vehicles, electric forklifts, charging stations in their facility and installing solar panels to provide renewable energy.  The goal is to be part of hundreds, if not thousands, of solutions to help clean our air and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and focus more on renewable energy and solutions. Diaz looks forward to partnering with future clients that are also interested in renewable energy solutions and sustainable products.


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