Sam Hodder

President and CEO, Save the Redwoods League

Under Sam Hodder’s leadership, Save the Redwoods League has permanently protected over 20,000 acres of redwoods and launched ambitious forest restoration projects. Hodder guided the League’s 100th anniversary celebrations in 2018 and the development of its Centennial Vision for Redwoods Conservation. The League’s vision is a bold 100-year plan to accelerate land protection and the regeneration of coast redwood and giant sequoia forests across their natural ranges, and to reimagine visitor experiences in redwood parks. Hodder has further advanced the League’s Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative, a project that led to pioneering research on the unique ecosystems thriving in the old-growth redwood canopy. He has also sharpened the League’s focus on investing in educational programs and enhancing redwood park experiences.

Photo: Paul Robert Wolf Wilson 

Podcast Guest Appearances

Indigenous Insights on Healing Land and Sky

According to the World Bank, land managed by Indigenous peoples is associated with lower rates of deforestation, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and better biodiversity protection. But in many places, Indigenous people have been displaced from their ancestral lands through outright theft, land grabs, violence and war. The Land Back movement advocates for returning Indigenous lands to Indigenous hands, to dismantle white supremacy and systems of oppression, but that can be difficult to achieve in practice.