Sarah Read

User Experience Researcher, Amazon

Sarah Read began organizing with Amazon Employees for Climate Justice (AECJ) after feeling helpless about the climate crisis, and how communities of color around the world are affected the most despite polluting the least.

Read has been at Amazon for 2.5 years but recently got involved with AECJ in July 2019. As a member of AECJ, Read is hopeful that the group will help Amazon become a leader taking ownership over its contribution to the climate crisis through setting aggressive timelines to get to zero carbon emissions, focusing solutions in communities of color that are most affected by Amazon’s emissions, stopping AWS support of the oil and gas industry to continue to pull fossil fuels out of the ground, and stopping donations to climate-denying politicians and think tanks. 

Podcast Guest Appearances

Letters to The Boss: Help Fix Our Climate

When more than a thousand Amazon employees walked off the job last September, it wasn’t higher wages or better benefits they were demanding. 

“It was a really, really powerful moment to see such support for something as radical, I guess as climate change,” remembers Sarah Read, an Amazon User Experience Researcher.