Saul Griffith

Founder & Chief Scientist, Otherlab

Saul Griffith is an inventor, entrepreneur, and the Founder of Otherlab, an independent Research and Development Laboratory in San Francisco. Otherlab’s core focus is Clean Energy, Robotics, and design and manufacturing. Saul completed his PhD in Programmable Assembly and Self Replicating machines at MIT. He is founder or co-founder of numerous companies, including Otherlabs, Sunfolding, Other Machine Company, Optiopia, Squid Labs, Potenco,, Howtoons, Canvas robotics, Roam Robotics, Treau and Makani Power. Saul has been awarded numerous awards for invention and was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2007. In 2011 Saul was named a World Economic Forum ‘Young Global Leader’. Saul rarely wears shoes, is typically found knee-deep in machinery with fists full of tools, and has holes in most of his pockets.

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Electrify Everything

In the not-to-distant future, your entire home could be electric – from your stove to your water heater to the car you drive. And all of it might be powered by solar panels on your own roof or one nearby – and your car could also put power back into the grid.