Scott Cary

Project Manager, NREL

Scott Cary leads the ports and airports program within the Energy Systems Integration directorate of NREL. He aligns port and airport research lab-wide, integrating the unique expertise of a Department of Energy national laboratory with aviation and maritime needs. In addition to supporting near term resilience, sustainable transportation, and energy needs, Cary also leads the Sustainable Aviation initiative, looking at the next generation of fuels, infrastructure, and aircraft. Clients currently include multiple large hub airports, the FAA, NASA, and industry collaboration across the Advance Air Mobility spectrum. Prior to joining NREL, Cary led programs for airports, Department of Defense facilities, and federal agencies across a spectrum of planning, finance, design, acquisition, and construction activities. He is an Air Force Civil Engineering veteran, a licensed professional engineer, and LEED accredited professional.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Will Sustainable Aviation Ever Take Off?

For those of us who love to travel, climate guilt weighs heavily. Civil aviation accounts for about 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and that number is going up. But while electrifying cars and trucks is already well underway, flying planes on anything other than liquid fuels remains devilishly difficult. Despite that difficulty, there are options. Sustainable aviation fuels, or SAFs, hold the most promise, as they can theoretically drop right into existing engines and infrastructure.