Shawn Marshall

Executive Director, Local Energy Aggregation Network

No matter what, price competition really matters. It’s important from an elected’s point of view and also from a constituent’s point of view not to pay a whole lot more, even if it’s green power… California leads the way. California sets the bar for the rest of the country.

Shawn Marshall sees California as setting the bar for the rest of the country. As the Co-founder and Director of the Local Energy Aggregation Network, Marshall supports the expansion of clean energy community choice aggregation (CCA) nationwide. Her organization serves as a hub for resources and expertise. In 2007, Marshall served on the task force that ultimately became the Marin Energy Authority, which serves a customer base of over 100,000 accounts in Marin and the City of Richmond with a range of 50%-100% renewable energy.

In addition to her work in the CCA field, Marshall served two terms on the Mill Valley City Council, as Mayor in 2008 and Vice Mayor in 2013.

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