Somini Sengupta

International Climate Reporter & Anchor, Climate Forward Newsletter, New York Times

Somini Sengupta the international climate reporter for The New York Times, tells the stories of people most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. A George Polk Award-winning international correspondent, she has reported from a Congo River ferry, a Himalayan glacier, the streets of Baghdad and Mumbai and many places in between. She has served as The Times’s bureau chief in West Africa and South Asia.

Her book  “The End of Karma: Hope and Fury Among India’s Young,” was published in 2016 by W.W. Norton. She grew up in India, Canada and the United States and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.

Podcast Guest Appearances

The Inflation Reduction Act: What’s in the Sausage?

For nearly six decades, the US government passed no comprehensive climate legislation. Now that’s changed. The Inflation Reduction Act contains approximately $370 billion of investments in clean energy and climate solutions. But not everyone is happy. To get through the Senate, the bill offered a lot of carrots to entrenched fossil fuel interests, along with investments in renewable power. And many in disadvantaged communities, who so often bear the brunt of climate-induced disasters, feel they’ve been left out yet again.