Tamara Conry

Union Rep, Camp Fire Survivor

Tamara Conry moved to Paradise, California, in 1990 to raise a family and begin a sixteen-year teaching career at Paradise Intermediate School, after which she began work as a union representative for the California Teachers Association. 

When the 2018 Camp Fire struck her town, it devastated the beautiful nature Tamara loved. Tamara continues to work on behalf of teachers, many of whom live in areas subjected to wildfires and need relief from California’s wildfires.


Podcast Guest Appearances

Living with Climate Disruption

We’ve been living with the impacts of a changing climate for years, but those impacts don’t all hit the same way. 

A wildfire amplified by drought may rip through a town in a matter of hours, or rising seas may take years to destroy a neighborhood. Health impacts may show up in a matter of months, or take the form of devastating cancer rates that rise over a decade. Regardless of speed or intensity, the climate emergency will impact us all.