Tim Flannery

Scientist, Explorer, Author, Atmosphere of Hope

Tim Flannery believes that human activity is drastically altering the earth's climate. He also believes that before too long these changes will have devastating effects on the planet and wants to mobilize the social and political will to address this problem before it’s too late.

As found and councilor of the Climate Council, Flannery work to provide independent information on climate change science.

Flannery received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at La Trobe University and a Master of Science degree in Earth Science at Monash University in 1981. In 1984, Flannery earned a doctorate at the University of New South Wales in Palaeontology for his work on the evolution of kangaroos.



Atmosphere of Hope

November 29, 2015
Climate change awareness and action are growing. Solutions are being implemented, with more in the wings. Are we experiencing an “atmosphere of...