William Brent

Executive Vice President of Energy, Cleantech and Sustainability, Weber Shandwick

Patagonia [is] starting to value ecosystem services, and I think that it’s not going to necessarily change the structure of the corporation itself, but it’s going to change the way that corporations look at the use of natural resource and sourcing supplies for the products that they make.

William Brent considers brand reputation far more important than a specific product when it comes to a sustainability-minded market. As Executive Vice President of Global Cleantech Practice at Weber Shandwick, Brent advises companies to think about sustainability from the ground up and take it beyond the level of product to the level of integrating good practices throughout the company.

Brent currently blogs at MrCleantech and was a founding member of the Clean Economy Network. Prior to joining Weber Shandwick and launching the Cleantech practice, Brent was a foreign correspondent and editor in China.

William Brent's Simple Shift

Cucumbers; I love gardening. I want to grow more food.

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