William Collins

Director, Climate and Ecosystem Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Dr. William Collins is an internationally recognized expert in climate modeling and climate change science. His personal research concerns the interactions among sunlight, heat, the coupled climate system, and global environmental change. He serves as a senior scientist, head of the Earth Sciences Division's (ESD) Climate Sciences Department, co-lead for ESD's Climate & Carbon Sciences Program Area and within the area leads the Climate Modeling Program. In addition Dr. Collins serves as director of the Center at LBNL for Integrative Modeling of the Earth System (CLIMES) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL, Berkeley Lab); a Professor in Residence in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at the University of California (UC), Berkeley; and chief scientist for the Department of Energy's Enterprise in Climate and Earth System Modeling. Before joining UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab, Dr. Collins was a senior scientist and Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee for the DOE/NSF Community Climate System Model project. He was a Lead Author on the Fourth Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), for which the IPCC was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, and is also acting as a Lead Author on the forthcoming Fifth Assessment.

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