Yonatan Neril

Founder and Executive Director, Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development

Yonatan Neril thinks that, being at the top of creation, humans have a responsibility to treat all of creation with respect. As the Executive Director of Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, Neril works with numerous foundations, private donors, and clients on a range of projects, from hosting interfaith environmental conferences to facilitating eco tourism in the Holy Land. To do this well, he draws from a variety of experience which includes consulting with Jewish environmental organizations, serving as project manager for seminars on Jewish environmental teaching in the Bay Area, and working as Torah environmental content director for Jewcology.

He is the lead author and general editor of two publications on Jewish environmental ethics including Uplifting People and Planet: 18 Essential Jewish Teachings on the Environment. Neril completed an M.A. and B.A. from Stanford University with a focus on global environmental issues, and received rabbinical ordination in Israel.

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