Yoram Bauman

PhD., Author, The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change

What is going to determine the end result in this century is not what we do in this country, but what happens in China and India and Africa.

Yoram Bauman is educating audiences through laughter. As the world's first (and only) stand-up economist, he'll typically spend 45 minutes making people laugh and 10 minutes advocating for an environmental tax reform called carbon pricing. Implementing carbon pricing is one of Bauman's primary goals, along with reforming economics education. To that end he co-authored The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change, a hilarious overview of climate science, predictions, and policy.

Bauman earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Washington in 2003. He played a role in creating and promoting the current carbon tax in British Columbia.

Yoram Bauman's Simple Shift

This is a very economist answer, but what I do is, when people ask me if I will fly somewhere and perform for them, I charge them a lot of money.

Live Event Appearances