C1 Revue: Alfalfa & Lawns


Our next program is all about water. We love gold. We fight over oil. But we can not live without water. And as snowpacks melt and aquifers drop, water is slipping through our fingers. How can we make the best use of this most precious resource in our cities and down on the farm? We can’t find solutions if we can’t face the issues. And talking about climate change can be a conversation killer. But it’s easy to talk about the weather. And the increasingly wild weather can give us an opening to talk about the bigger issue of climate disruption.

Part 1: Almonds & Lawns 
Ellen Hanak, Senior Fellow and Center Director, Public Policy Institute of California
Felicia Marcus, Chair, State Water Resources Control Board
Paul Wenger, President, California Farm Bureau Federation
Marguerite Young, Director, Ward 3, East Bay Municipal Utility District Board

Part 2: Reinventing Water
Martha Davis, Executive Manager for Policy Development, Inland Empire Utilities Agency
Anna Michalak, Faculty Member, Department of Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution for Science

Part 3: Weather Whiplash
Louise Bedsworth, Deputy Director, California Governor's Office of Planning and Research
Hunter Cutting, Director of Strategic Communications, Climate Nexus
Kathryn Sullivan, Administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration