C1 Revue: The Changing Oceans


Human activity has touched every corner of the Earth. The Arctic, the Amazon, the bottom of the deep, blue sea. Places you and I will most likely never visit – and can hardly even imagine. Yet oil drilling and industrial fishing are changing even these places. And changes there are impacting us at home as well. It’s a small world.

Part 1: Dr. Sylvia Earle: One Big Ocean
Sylvia Earle, Ph.D., Ocean Explorer; National Geographic Explorer in Residence; Founder, Mission Blue and SEAlliance

Part 2: Arctic Melting and Rising
William Collins, Director, Climate and Ecosystem Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Alex Levinson, Executive Director, Pacific Environment
Sergey Petrov, Consul General of the Russian Federation in San Francisco
Hilde Janne Skorpen, Consul General for Norway in San Francisco​

Part 3: Drilling in the Amazon and Arctic  
Lou Allstadt, Former Executive Vice President, Mobil Oil Co.
Danielle Fugere, President, As You Sow
Rene G. Ortiz, Former Ecuador Oil Minister; Former OPEC Secretary General
Leila Salazar-Lopez, Executive Director, Amazon Watch