Unpredictable weather has always been the farmer’s Achilles heel. And the weather is getting wilder, stressing water supplies and changing where crops can grow. How do we address food security for a growing global population? One approach is getting back to basics. Protecting the soil, growing food for people – not for cows – and cutting down food waste. Simple solutions can create a big pay-back.

Part 1: New Food Revolution
Karen Ross, California Secretary of Food and Agriculture; Former Deputy U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
Jonathan Foley, Executive Director, California Academy of Sciences 

Helene York, Director of Responsible Business, Google Global Accounts, Bon Appetit Management

Part 2: Down and Dirty 
Diana Donlon, Director, Cool Foods Program, Center for Food Safety
Nicolette Hahn Niman, Author, Defending Beef
Whendee Silver, Professor of Ecology, UC Berkeley

Part 3: Beans and Brew 
Ken Grossman, Co-Founder & CEO, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Paul Katzeff, Founder & CEO, Thanksgiving Coffee Company
Brad Kintzer, Chief Chocolate Maker, TCHO Chocolate