C1 Revue: Generating Innovation


Today’s Climate One program looks at innovative policies and products that could power a new era of clean and affordable energy. Is it possible to capture the CO2 pouring out of coal smokestacks? Can we make plastic bottles that break down in the ocean and become fish food? What if drivers paid the true cost of burning fossil fuels? These are some of the solutions that could create a new path to both a sound economy and a healthy environment.

Part 1: Beyond Plastic 
Keith Christman, Managing Director for Plastics Markets, American Chemistry Council; Co-chair, Global Action Committee on Marine Litter
Molly Morse, CEO, Mango Materials
Adam Lowry, Co-founder and Chief Greenskeeper, Method Products PBC
Bridgett Luther, President, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Part 2: Powering Innovation
David Crane, CEO, NRG Energy 
Katie Fehrenbacher, Reporter, GigaOm 
Arun Majumdar, Former VP for Energy, Google; former chief, ARPA-e at US Department of Energy
Adam Lowry, Co-Founder and Chief Greenskeeper, Method Products 

Part 3: Environmental Debt
Amy Larkin, Author, Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy; Former Solutions Director, Greenpeace
John Hofmeister, CEO, Citizens for Affordable Energy; Former President, Shell Oil Company