Sun Spots



David Festa

West Coast Vice President, Environmental Defense Fund

David Hayes

Former Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer, Department of the Interior

John Laird

Secretary, California Natural Resources Agency

Can large solar farms and the California desert co-exist? Yes, says this expert panel, which includes state and federal policymakers, California Resources Agency Secretary John Laird and Deputy Interior Secretary David Hayes; an environmental advocate, David Festa, with the Environmental Defense Fund; and a project developer, Michael Hatfield, with First Solar. All agree that the Obama administration is on the right track with its commitment to bring relevant stakeholders together early in the process and in its preference for reviewing projects on a landscape scale.

David Hayes, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Interior
John Laird, Secretary, California Resources Agency
David Festa, West Coast Vice President, Environmental Defense Fund
Michael Hatfield, Director of Development, First Solar