Danny Kennedy

Managing Director, California Clean Energy Fund

120,000 Americans work in the solar industry… Any economic model suggests we will be 10 percent of the Californian grid and some significant percentage of the rest of the grid before too long. So we will employ millions of Americans by those numbers.

Danny Kennedy sees solar as the job creation engine of America. As the Managing Director of CalCEF, Kennedy guides the family of collaborating non-profit organizations to accelerate the progress of clean energy technologies through both innovation and infrastructure. He has worked on environmental initiatives for over two decades and is an internationally recognized opinion leader on climate and energy issues. Among his many achievements prior to Sungevity are his management of Greenpeace's California Clean Energy Campaign, which helped create the California Solar Initiative, the groundbreaking renewable energy program that ushered in the state's solar energy boom.

Kennedy is the author of Rooftop Revolution, How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy–and Planet–From Dirty Energy. Kennedy serves on the board of the Solar Foundation and Solar Mosaic. He is also the co-founder and former Senior Vice President of Sungevity.

Danny Kennedy's Simple Shift

I live in a solar home. I actually live in a co-housing community with a bunch of other families because semi-dense urban living is actually the lowest climate impact; shared transport for kids, we grow a lot of our own food, we have chickens.

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C1 Revue: Living on Sunshine

You know that cartoon where the guy has a light bulb over his head and then “bing” it goes on? Well, America is having a collective “light bulb” moment these days. And it’s powered by solar energy. Solar panels are 50% cheaper than just 5 years ago. And energy from the wind is looking just as bright. Today, we’re taking a look at the explosion of clean energy alternatives, how we’re pumping it into new cars and our plans for carrying it over a new electric grid.


The 2018 Camp Fire was one of the most destructive in California’s history, resulting in over eighty deaths and destroying the town of Paradise. Dry weather and hot winds fanned the flames - but the spark that lit them came from a faulty transmission line.

“This was literally a 98-year-old line that runs through a national forest,” says Russell Gold of The Wall Street Journal. “PG&E is not even 100% sure when the last time they inspected that tower was.