You know that cartoon where the guy has a light bulb over his head and then “bing” it goes on? Well, America is having a collective “light bulb” moment these days. And it’s powered by solar energy. Solar panels are 50% cheaper than just 5 years ago. And energy from the wind is looking just as bright. Today, we’re taking a look at the explosion of clean energy alternatives, how we’re pumping it into new cars and our plans for carrying it over a new electric grid.

Part 1: Solar CEOs
Hal Harvey, CEO, Energy Innovation
Danny Kennedy, Managing Director, California Clean Energy Fund
Lyndon Rive, Co-Founder and CEO, SolarCity

Part 2: The EV Option Today
Sherry Boschert, Author; EV Driver
Eileen Tutt, Executive Director, California Electric Transportation Coalition
Charlie Vogelheim, Principal, Vogelheim Ventures

Part 3: Charging Ahead
Tony Earley, Chairman & CEO, PG&E Corporation