JoeBen Bevirt

Founder and CEO, Joby Aviation

JoeBen Bevirt is transforming the daily commute with revolutionary aviation technologies. Bevirt founded Joby Aviation in 2009 to reimagine air transportation, taking more people from the streets to the skies. The electrically-powered aircraft company is in the process of certifying a five-seat aircraft nearly twice as fast but much quieter than a helicopter.

Driven by a passion for engineering, Bevirt has a long career in electric propulsion and robotics. After graduating from Stanford University in 1997, he was the director of engineering at Incyte Pharmaceuticals. He co-founded the life sciences technology company, Velocity11, which was then acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2007. In 2005, he founded Joby Inc. to refine and commercialize the Gorillapod concept, a flexible camera tripod that Bevirt co-designed while a master's student at Stanford

In 2018, Joby received $100 million in funding following the development of a successful “air-taxi” prototype. Bevirt has been recognized as a UC Davis Distinguished Engineering Alumn, and in 2018 was the recipient of the Haueter Award for outstanding technical contribution to the field of vertical take-off landing (VTOL) aircraft development.