Climate One TV: Lord John Browne and From Wheels to Wings Our Flying Car Future

Air Date
July 22, 2021


Can oil companies reinvent themselves as clean energy providers? John Browne attempted it over more than a decade as CEO of British Petroleum, where he led the company's “Beyond Petroleum” rebranding campaign. In his new book, Browne argues that the solution to reducing emissions and addressing climate change is a mass deployment of engineered technology — and that the tools we need to get there already exist. What lessons can oil companies and others looking to lead the energy transition learn from this approach? What is the future of the fossil fuel industry as the global economy runs cleaner? A conversation with Lord John Browne, former CEO of British Petroleum and author of Make, Think, Imagine: Engineering the Future of Civilization, for a conversation on the potential of energy incumbents to become innovators. And in the second half of the show: Blade Runner, Star Wars, and “The Jetsons” envisioned futuristic worlds of flying cars and mile-high commutes. Now, dozens of companies are moving forward with airborne vehicles, including Airbus’s electric flying car, Uber’s helicopter taxi, and Tesla’s hint at a flying Roadster using rocket technology. Is taking cars off the road and putting them in the sky a realistic solution to congestion, or just a techno-fantasy? What are the human, technological and regulatory barriers to this high-flying future? Are drones the first step in advancing battery and jet technologies that could reduce the growing carbon impact of aviation? Join us for a conversation with Joby Aviation founder and CEO JoeBen Bevirt, Akin Gump attorney Jennifer Richter, former Voom CEO Uma Subramanian, and “The Flying Car Radio Show” co-host Charlie Vogelheim on the future of personal flight in a changing climate. #letstalkclimate The foundation of engineering 2:06 Who produces most of the worlds oil? 5:12 BP oil disaster at Texas City 9:25 Flying Cars 15:48 How far into the future are flying cars? 18:15 Regulations form D.C. 20:18 Electrification of flying vehicles 25:41