John Goldman

President, Goldman Environmental Foundation

John Goldman dreams of living in a world that doesn't need the Goldman Environmental Prize. The annual prize, founded by Goldman's parents in 1990 is awarded to grassroots environmental heroes on the six inhabited continents. The award-winners are often people putting their safety at risk to protect the natural world. Prior to becoming President of the Goldman Environmental Foundation, he served as Assistant Secretary of Transportation for the State of California and then as Chairman for Willis Insurance Services of California.

Goldman serves on the Board of Managers of Swarthmore College, the Board of Governors of the Insurance Industry Charitable Fund, and the Stanford University Athletic Board. He is also a past president of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco.



The Goldman Prize at 25

March 7, 2014
Since 1989, The Goldman Environmental Prize has honored more than 150 grassroots heroes who are fighting on the front lines to deliver clean...