Kathryn Lundstrom

Sustainability Editor, Adweek

Kathryn Lundstrom is the sustainability editor at Adweek, where she covers advertising and marketing news through a climate lens. That includes everything from calling out greenwashing campaigns and analyzing sustainability reports to sorting out the role of the chief sustainability officer and identifying trends in how brands talk about climate issues. Before joining Adweek in 2019, she wrote about politics for The Daily Donut, analyzed policy at the Texas Capitol and checked facts at Sports Illustrated. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a master’s in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and a master of global policy studies from the LBJ School of Public Affairs.

Podcast Guest Appearances

The Enablers: The Firms Behind Fossil Fuel Falsehoods

Public perception is important to any company, and fossil fuel companies are no different. Every year, they spend large amounts of money to make sure that the public is abundantly aware of all of the work fossil fuel companies are doing to help with the transition to clean energy.