Lawrence H. Goulder

Economics Professor, Stanford University

Lawrence H. Goulder has concluded that mindful economic policy is vital to slowing climate change. As Chair of the Economics Department and a distinguished professor in Environmental and Resource Economics and the at Stanford University, Goulder teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental economics and policy. His research includes analyses for several government agencies and industry groups examining the environmental and economic impacts of U.S. and international environmental policies. These policies affect lives across industries, income groups, and generations. Goulder is shedding light on the ramifications of those policies.

Goulder is the Kennedy-Grossman Fellow in Human Biology at Stanford, Senior Fellow at Stanford's Institute for Economic Policy Research, Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and University Fellow at Resources for the Future, a non-profit environmental and natural resource research firm located in Washington, D.C.



Nature's Price Tag

July 26, 2013
An emerging area of economics aims to put a price on nature as a way of justifying preserving it in societies dominated by the wisdom of markets. A…