Lora Kolodny

Tech Reporter, CNBC

Lora Kolodny likes to keep good information in public view. She covers business, tech, and startups for CNBC.com in San Francisco, with a focus on early stage deal makers and founders, and emerging industries that are made possible due to a tech breakthrough, regulatory change or lack of regulation.

Ms. Kolodny also has a strong personal interest in social ventures -- for profit, for good companies with a well-defined social or environmental mission. Previously she was an editor at TechCrunch, a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, and a contributor to The New York Times. She is a graduate of Williams College.



Insane Mode: Tesla’s Wild Ride

March 29, 2019
Despite having the top-selling luxury car in 2018, and a loyal if not rabid customer base, Tesla has been facing major challenges. In August,…