Climate One TV: Tesla's Wild Ride and The Circular Economy/Bio Mimicry

Air Date
January 2, 2020


John Lanier

Executive Director, Ray C. Anderson Foundation

Tesla drivers are loyal, if not rabid, followers of the company – some even confess to waiting in line outside the factory for delivery of the long-awaited Model 3. Customers and employees alike have bought into the thrill of driving a luxury car that still lets you feel good about yourself.Despite having the top-selling luxury car in 2018, Tesla has been facing major challenges as a company. In August, maverick CEO Elon Musk was slapped with SEC charges over some rather fanciful tweets that hinted at a potential share price of $420. That move cost him and the company millions in fines, and forced Musk to step down as chairman. Other skidmarks for Tesla include production delays and cost overruns. The Model 3 comes with a $35,000 price tag, but that doesn’t mean the company will break even. It’s been a wild ride so far. What’s next for the health of Tesla, its overall impact on the auto industry and its future as a leader in the green economy?

And in segment two: Produce, consume, dispose: if you’ve ever made a purchase, you’re familiar with the steps of a traditional linear economy. Raw materials are extracted, produced into goods, and used — sometimes only once, in the case of your morning Starbucks — before turning into waste.Enter the circular economy. Beyond just recycling, several companies are “going circular” by transforming how their products are designed, used, and remade. Some are eliminating waste altogether and optimizing product reuse. Others, like AirBnB and Getaround, are using the sharing economy to cater to a new generation of customers more interested in product access than ownership. How crucial is the circular economy to salvaging climate and planet? Can reducing waste and increasing profits go hand-in-hand?

Has Elon Musk been tamed by the SEC? 2:21

Tesla the Anti-Detroit 7:33

Autonomous Vehicles 9:33

Oil Companies' reaction to Tesla 11:49

Circular Economy and Bio Mimicry 13:42

Materials: The Potato Chip Bag 18:42

What is Structural Color? 20:38

Recycling Not the Answer? 21:25