Maria Gunnoe

Maria Gunnoe, Community Organizer and 2009 Goldman Prize Winner

Maria Gunnoe has never considered giving up the fight. When mountaintop removal began in the 1970’s, Maria was a little girl, growing up on land purchased by her grandfather. She wasn't looking for a battle, but the industry threatened her property. Gunnoe responded by organizing her neighbors against coal interests, eventually halting construction of a new mine. Gunnoe learned firsthand the risks of standing up to powerful coal interests: she and her family received numerous threats to their property and safety.

Gunnoe is featured in the 2008 documentary film Burning the Future: Coal in America, the 2007 documentary film Mountain Top Removal, and the 2011 documentary film The Last Mountain. In 2009 Gunnoe received the Goldman Environmental Prize.



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March 7, 2014
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