Michaela Anang

Law Student, UC Davis

Michaela Anang (she/they) is pursuing a combined JD-PhD in Geography at UC Davis. You can find them seeking joy through karaoke, deep conversation, cake and the color purple. Anang has served in positions in education, the nonprofit sector as well as activism, with a community-centered focus on anti-oppression, accessibility, justice, healing, and poetic expression. Anang is passionate about using research & evaluation for equity & environmental justice while serving as the 2021-2022 LSCA Research Coordinator.

Podcast Guest Appearances

The Enablers: The Firms Behind Fossil Fuel Falsehoods

Public perception is important to any company, and fossil fuel companies are no different. Every year, they spend large amounts of money to make sure that the public is abundantly aware of all of the work fossil fuel companies are doing to help with the transition to clean energy.