Scott Segal

Partner, Bracewell

Scott Segal has more than two decades of experience across a broad range of policy and communications issues, with particular experience dealing with energy, the environment and natural resources. Other areas of experience range from healthcare to financial services to trade and manufacturing issues. He is co-chair of the firm's Policy Resolution Group, the government relations and strategic communications section at Bracewell.

A practicing lawyer, Segal assists clients with effective participation in the legislative and regulatory processes. Additionally, Segal helps guides clients with strategic planning and communications in changed circumstances through public-affairs initiatives, monitoring, advocacy and negotiations with the United States Congress and administrative agencies of the federal government. He has testified before Congress and administrative agencies numerous times on matters related to energy and environmental policy. He is a spokesman for Fortune 500 corporations on sensitive and progressive issues such as climate change, energy legislation and regulation, the Clean Air Act and fuel additives. He also is recognized as a well-versed spokesman on broader energy and environmental issues and is quoted regularly in the national media, including offering commentary on network television and radio.

Segal taught law, policy development and communications at the University of Maryland (University College) and at Johns Hopkins University. Earlier in his career, he served as director of forensics at the University of Texas at Austin.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Oil and Opioids on Trial

What do Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and Big Oil have in common?

They’ve all been brought under fire, and into the courts, for knowingly causing public harm, and even death, with their products. You can include the gun industry in that list too. And, like the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, evidence has shown that gas and oil companies have long known about the link between their product and increased greenhouse gases – and kept it to themselves.

Biden’s Climate Opportunity (Part 1)

President-elect Joe Biden says he will infuse climate change into every corner of his agenda. That’s becoming evident looking at his emerging team. 

"You're already seeing signs from the nominees and the people they’re choosing that climate is going to be a part of every single agency," says Christy Goldfuss, Senior Vice President for Energy and Environment Policy at the Center for American Progress.