Vien Truong

Climate Justice Director, Tom Steyer PAC

Vien Truong brings her expertise in equitable green economies to her firm, Truong & Associates, which advises lawmakers, universities, and organizations globally on developing an inclusive workforce and creating sustainable economies. She currently directs climate justice at the Tom Steyer PAC.

Truong served as the President/CEO of the Dream Corps, which brings people together to solve America’s problems by backing initiatives that close prison doors and open doors of opportunity for all. Under her leadership, the Dream Corps’ team passed historic policies in criminal justice, climate justice, and created nationally recognized programs to increase tech diversity. Her team worked regularly with leaders to move the country forward, from influencers like Kim Kardashian to Flint moms, from Wall Street investors to White House insiders. Under her leadership, her team’s work was covered from NY Times, CNN, Fox News, TechCrunch to TMZ.

Truong has helped develop numerous energy, environmental, and economic policies and programs at the state, federal and local levels. She has advised on billions of dollars in public investments for energy and community development programs. She’s developed strong workforce standards for clean technology sectors, direct investments to ethnic and minority cleantech businesses, and create sustainable communities throughout California.

She has received numerous congressional, state, regional and local awards for her work advocating on behalf of those most vulnerable to climate change. She received a White House Champion of Change award for her work on climate equity. She was nominated for the UCLA Emerging Environmental “Genius Prize.” Vien was featured in the SF Chronicle as one of San Francisco’s “Top Women Leaders.” She has been profiled in Forbes, Shondaland, Parent Magazine, and other major outlets. Both Van Jones’ Beyond the Messy Truth and Steve Philips’ Brown is the New White included profiles Vien in their NYTimes Bestsellers for her work in creating historic policies.

Truong holds a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley and a J.D. from the University of California Hastings College of the Law.



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