Climate One TV: Polluting and Providing and The Future Earth

Air Date
December 2, 2020


Ivan Penn

Alternative Energy Reporter, The New York Times

The cost and health burdens of electricity production have long been higher for low-income communities of color than for wealthy white ones. But when it comes to public engagement and trust, the oil and gas industry is often ahead of its clean energy competitors, presenting a friendly face to the same areas it supplies with jobs, tax dollars, and cheap energy. Is the industry an example of community leadership, manipulative green washing — or something in between?

Join us for a conversation with Derrick Hollie, president of Reaching America; Jacqueline Patterson, director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice program; Ivan Penn, alternative energy reporter with The New York Times; and Vien Truong, director of climate justice for Tom Steyer PAC, on hard truths about the energy industry next door.

And in part two of the show:

Science has given us a realistic picture of what Earth will look like with unmitigated climate change: increased extreme weather events, crippled economies, and a world where those with the least are the hardest hit. What would a radically re-envisioned future look like? What solutions do we need to replace tomorrow’s doom-and-gloom projections with thriving cities, renewed political consciousness, equitable societies and carbon-free economies?

A conversation with climate journalist and The Future Earth author Eric Holthaus and Project Drawdown Vice President Katharine Wilkinson on re-imagining our role in creating climate solutions.


3:50 Green Jobs retraining, does it happen?
8:55 Concentration of power
12:36 The future of coal
15:12 Segment Two
19:41 Living with Climate Grief
21:55 The difference between courage and hope