Woody Lee

Executive Director, Utah Diné Bikéyah

Woody Lee is Executive Director of Utah Diné Bikéyah. a Native American-led grassroots nonprofit organization working to promote healing of people and the earth through conservation of cultural lands. As a translator and consultant for Utah Diné Bikéyah, Woody Lee traveled throughout the Navajo Nation, listening to elders and experts on traditional hunting, foods, farming, and creation narratives relating to the Bears Ears area for the nonprofit which champions Indigenous leadership and land stewardship. Recently, Lee’s focus has been on increasing Indigenous turnout at the voting booth.  His hope for the future of UDB and Bears Ears is that one day, the cultural landscape will be protected for all to enjoy.



30x30: This Land Is Whose Land?

August 13, 2021
This episode was underwritten in part by Resources Legacy Fund. President Biden has set a goal of conserving 30% of the nation’s land and waters...