Climate One TV: Cory Booker: Taking on Big Ag & Going Big on Climate

Air Date
July 31, 2023


The upcoming Farm Bill presents an opportunity to infuse more climate-smart practices in American agriculture, which accounts for about 10% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. But doing so involves confronting industrial practices that focus on short-term gains and commodity subsidies that have deep support in both parties. Senator Cory Booker introduced legislation that would challenge beef and pork packagers and tilt the balance of power in our industrial agriculture system, giving family farmers, ranchers, and workers a better deal.

This moment is a precarious time for America’s efforts to decarbonize its economy. The Inflation Reduction Act is inspiring companies to invest in battery factories in the U.S. and consumers to buy EVs and heat pumps. But green energy faces opposition in red states even though they see an influx of clean tech investment and jobs.

Join us for a conversation with a passionate advocate of reforming America’s food system and progressive voice for bold climate action.