Climate One TV: A Just Transition and Dr. Bullard Receives The Schneider Award

Air Date
April 2, 2020


Robert Bullard

Distinguished Professor of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy, Texas Southern U.

Our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels has led to climate disruption and inequality. Under served communities are the ones most harmed by pollution, lack of green space and heat-related illness. Transitioning to clean energy would seem to be the obvious answer. But in the process of trying to right old wrongs, do we risk leaving some communities behind? What does a just transition to a cleaner, greener economy look like? A conversation the pathways to a clean and equitable economy with Kevin de León, president pro tempore emeritus of the California State Senate, Darryl Molina Sarmiento, executive director at Communities for a Better Environment, and Vien Truong, senior climate justice advisor at Tom Steyer For President.

And in segment two of our show:

Climate One honors Robert Bullard with the ninth annual Stephen Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communications. Often described as the father of environmental justice, Bullard has written several seminal books on the subject and is known for his work highlighting pollution on minority communities and speaking up against environmental racism in the 1970-1980s.

Established in honor of Stephen H. Schneider, one of the founding fathers of climatology, the $15,000 Schneider Award recognizes a natural or social scientist who has made extraordinary scientific contributions and communicated that knowledge to a broad public in a clear, compelling fashion. “I am truly humbled and honored to be receiving the 2019 Stephen Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication,” says Dr. Bullard. “This award recognizes the importance of working across multiple disciplines, sectors and social groupings. More importantly, it also validates my core values and guiding principle of giving back, reaching out to diverse communities, and training the next generation of environmental and climate leaders.

The quest for climate justice is an inter-generational thing. The time for growing diverse leaders and diverse messengers is now.” Bullard is joined by fellow equity expert Adrianna Quintero, director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the Energy Foundation, in a conversation about communicating climate change in an engaging and inclusive manner.

3:02 L.A. Toxic Tour
6:56 What is a just transition?
9:00 The Green Jobs promise
12:47 Dr. Bullard
18:18 Adrianna Quintero
20:41 Does the Green New Deal scare off some establishment Democrats?
24:41 Houston TX flood recovery