November 11th, 2022
The 27th UN convention on climate change, known as COP27, is now underway in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. For the first time the agenda includes loss and damage - accounting for the...Read More
November 4th, 2022
It’s been a big year for U.S. climate policy. Three major pieces of legislation: the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the CHIPS and Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act have...Read More
October 28th, 2022
When’s the last time you changed your mind about something important? In a democracy, meaningful change often requires adapting views and building coalitions. Some believe finding...Read More
October 21st, 2022
An undeniable reality of the climate crisis is that poorer countries in the Global South are experiencing climate-induced disasters first and worst. That doesn’t mean that...Read More
October 14th, 2022
The Paris Agreement requires every country to declare their own nationally determined contributions, or NDCs, for reducing emissions. Last year at COP26 in Glasgow, it became...Read More
October 14th, 2022
The United Nations Conference of the Parties, or COP, is the annual, international climate summit that began in Rio de Janeiro back in 1992. This year will be the 27th COP — hence...Read More
October 7th, 2022
With the US midterm elections looming, the window for enacting meaningful climate policy may be closing. November’s elections will decide which party controls Congress, and that...Read More
September 30th, 2022
Home and property insurance is complicated and typically boring – until a disaster happens to you. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of people in high-risk disaster areas...Read More
September 23rd, 2022
In August, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. The IRA allocates around $370 billion over ten years to invest in renewable energy, make EVs more...Read More
September 16th, 2022
After a 20-year career as a tech reporter for CNET and the public radio program Marketplace, Molly Wood has come to see the climate crisis as an engineering problem requiring a...Read More