December 3rd, 2021
After months of negotiations, Congress finally passed President Biden’s infrastructure act and he signed it into law. Though cut back from the original proposal, the...Read More
November 25th, 2021
More than half of Americans surveyed by Pew have talked about climate change one to two times in recent weeks – and that number is even higher for Gen Z and Millenials. A majority...Read More
November 19th, 2021
After two weeks of negotiations, presentations and protests in Glasgow, the huge international climate summit known as COP26 is over. World leaders met again to try to strengthen...Read More
November 12th, 2021
The outdoor clothing and gear company Patagonia is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental health, but its prices often make it synonymous with elite access...Read More
November 5th, 2021
Solar geoengineering – such as putting sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere to reduce the amount of the sun’s heat from reaching the earth – could provide an emergency brake on...Read More
October 29th, 2021
In the not-to-distant future, your entire home could be electric – from your stove to your water heater to the car you drive. And all of it might be powered by solar panels on...Read More
October 22nd, 2021
Delegates from around the world are set to convene in Glasgow at the international climate summit known as COP26 – ideally to hammer out commitments to reduce carbon emissions in...Read More
October 15th, 2021
More and more of us are seriously worrying about what we’ve done to the earth’s climate. But while climate predictions can be scary, Sister True Dedication says we don’t have to...Read More
October 8th, 2021
We’ve experienced yet another summer of record wildfires in the western U.S., endangering lives, displacing communities, and sending unhealthy smoke across the nation.    The...Read More
October 1st, 2021
The UN Secretary-General António Guterres referred to the most recent IPCC report as a “code red for humanity.” But do we fully acknowledge the severity of the situation? Renowned...Read More