C1 Revue: Cars of the Future


We’ll never win the climate change challenge if we don’t change the way we make and drive cars. In the U.S. personal vehicles account for nearly one fifth of all our greenhouse gas emissions. And if you add in trucks, trains, planes and ships, it’s more than a quarter of our contribution to climate pollution. So how do we cut down on carbon coming out of the tailpipe? Or... maybe it’s time to give up on gasoline altogether. Is the carbon-free, electric vehicle ready for primetime?

Part 1: Bill Ford & Rick Snyder
Rick Snyder, Governor, Michigan
William Clay Ford Jr., Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company

Part 2: Power Drive
Shad Balch, Environment and Energy Communications Manager, General Motors
Alexandre Bayen, Liao-Cho Professor of Engineering; Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Berkeley
Hector De La Torre, Member, California Air Resources Board
Diarmuid O'Connell, Vice President of Business Development, Tesla Motors