It’s a holiday movie special as Climate One talks to the directors/producers of four recent documentaries that bring human drama to the climate story:

Hillbilly, which explores the myths and realities of life in the Appalachian coalfields;

My Country No More, the story of one rural community divided by the North Dakota oil boom;

Saving the Dark, which focuses on the battle of dark-sky enthusiasts to fight light pollution;

and Point of No Return, in which two pilots risk their lives flying around the world in a solar-powered plane that is as delicate as a t-shirt.

Rita Baghdadi, Co-Director, My Country No More
Noel Dockstader, Co-Director, Point of No Return
Jeremiah Hammerling, Co-Director, My Country No More
Quinn Kanaly, Co-Director, Point of No Return
Sriram Murali, Director/Producer, Saving the Dark
Sally Rubin, Co-Director, Hillbilly