Christine Arena

Founder, Generous Films

Christine Arena is a 20-year marketing communications industry veteran, a former Executive Vice President at Edelman, and founder of production company Generous Films. She authored some of the first books on corporate purpose, including “The High-Purpose Company” (Harper Collins, 2004), and her early research helped draw a line between greenwash and authentic sustainability. She has since produced award-winning creative work for clients including 3M, Google, AT&T, HP, Earthjustice and others, centering on powerful stories that advance issues from climate change to deforestation and racism.


In addition to her client work, Christine serves as an advocate for climate accountability across the PR and advertising industry. Her 2018 docuseries, Let Science Speak, aired on The Weather Channel and helped to counter misinformation about climate scientists. She is a founding member of the Clean Creatives campaign and an advisory board member of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Institute. Her insights have recently been featured by The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fast Company, Adweek, Rolling Stone and Mother Jones.