Jamie Henn

Founder & Director, Fossil Free Media

Jamie Henn is the founder and director of Fossil Free Media, a nonprofit media lab that supports the movement to end fossil fuels. Fossil Free Media is the home of Clean Creatives, a campaign pressuring public relations and advertising agencies to quit working with fossil fuel companies to spread climate disinformation. Before founding Fossil Free Media, Jamie was co-founder and Strategic Communications Director at the international climate campaign 350.org. While at 350, he helped lead the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline, planned major mobilizations like the People's Climate March and Global Climate Strikes, led 350's work at the UN Climate Talks, and launched the fossil fuel divestment movement. When he's not tied to his laptop, he loves getting out into the mountains with his wife and 10-month old daughter.

Podcast Guest Appearances

The Enablers: The Firms Behind Fossil Fuel Falsehoods

Public perception is important to any company, and fossil fuel companies are no different. Every year, they spend large amounts of money to make sure that the public is abundantly aware of all of the work fossil fuel companies are doing to help with the transition to clean energy.