Climate One TV: The 2020 Election and Will Climate Matter

Air Date
July 29, 2020


Tiffany Cross

Author, Say It Louder! Black Voters, White Narratives, and Saving Our Democracy

Rich Thau

Moderator, The Swing Voter Project; Co-founder and President, Engagious

Vanessa Hauc

Anchor, Noticias Telemundo; Director, Telemundo News Planeta Tierra

Racism, police and the pandemic are dominating hearts and headlines, but will they translate to votes in national and regional elections? One study found wavering Trump voters rank immigration and climate change as top reasons for a possible vote change, but it’s unclear if that will materialize. Other studies contend climate doesn’t even rank on the minds of swing voters. Young, liberal Americans are leading the charge on climate, but Bernie Sanders learned they are more likely to protest than vote. What issues are top of mind for Obama-Trump voters in swing states? How will the Coronavirus and racial justice crises of 2020 impact voters this cycle? A conversation about power in the elections with Tiffany Cross, author of Say It Louder! Black Voters, White Narratives, and Saving Our Democracy, Rick Wilson, Republican political strategist, and Rich Thau, who is leading focus groups with swing voters in key states. And in part two of our show: After a fleeting moment atop the national political agenda last year, climate change has been eclipsed by the global pandemic. A recent poll from Yale found that public engagement on climate change is at or near historic levels. But will that matter when people vote? The Environmental Voter Project asserts that many people who say they care about climate and the environment don’t actually cast ballots. Further, when talking to pollsters they lie and say they did vote. How will mainstream media cover climate in national and regional elections? Will President Trump’s stance on climate hurt Republicans in down-ballot races? Do Joe Biden’s policy positions on climate really matter? Join us with Vannessa Hauc, journalist and senior correspondent at Noticias Telemundo, Jeff Nesbit, executive director at Climate Nexus, and Nathaniel Stinnett, founder and executive director of the Environmental Voter Project, for a conversation on climate coverage in the race for the presidency. #letstalkclimate 4:23 Hispanic Voters 7:11 Tribalism and voting 11:17 Trump and the "lying press" 13:15 Swing Voters and the 2020 Election 19:34 Republicans spending money against Trump?