Climate One TV: Let's Talk Solutions: Global Climate Action Summit

Air Date
November 8, 2018


Marisa de Belloy

CEO, Cool Effect; Executive Director, Overlook International Foundation

Gina McCarthy

First-Ever White House Climate Advisor, Former EPA Administrator

Tom Steyer

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Activist, Businessman

Gloria Walton

President and CEO, Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education

On the eve of the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS), we started the conversation about how solutions could be led by states, cities, businesses and NGOs.

The Paris Climate Accord was successful in bringing together the entire world around a common goal. But as Gina McCarthy points out, “We need to get together and figure out how you address and drive solutions to climate that actually end up in not just a cleaner and healthier and more sustainable world, but one that’s more just.”

Join our conversation with Marisa de Belloy, Gina McCarthy, Bill McKibben, Tom Steyer and Gloria Walton

This event is in partnership with Cool Effect, Capital Public Radio and in affiliation with the Global Climate Action Summit.

Poverty and Climate Connection 2:59

Tom Steyer: Changing Capitalism 4:36

Bill McKibben: Collective Systemic Change 11:52

Gina McCarthy: How to be more effective 16:29

Lightning Round! 18:58…