Ashley Allen

Senior Manager, Climate and Land, Mars Corporation

Annie Cull

Director of Communications, The Good Food Institute

Jason Clay

Senior Vice President, Food & Markets; Executive Director, Markets Institute, World Wildlife Fund

Margo T. Oge

Former Director, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, U.S. EPA

James Sano

Vice President for Travel, Tourism and Conservation, World Wildlife Fund

Kiran Jain

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, Neighborly

Severin Borenstein

E.T. Grether Professor, Haas School of Business, University of California

Ben Franta

PhD candidate in History of Science, Stanford University

Andreas Klugescheid

Head of Steering Government and External Affairs, Sustainability Communications, BMW Group

Amory Lovins

Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

Debbie Dooley

President, Conservatives for Energy Freedom, Co-Founder, Tea Party Movement